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Race of the Methow


 Tentative dates for 2015:  Either January 3-4 OR January 17-18

This will be a JNQ with races for all ages.

January 4-5, 2014 

Results for all the weekend’s races, including all sprint heats (!) can be found at Webscorer. Search on cross-country skiing for the sport, and the above dates, and you’ll see them all.

The Race of the Methow is a 2-day race weekend for skiers of all ages, and is organized by the Methow Valley Nordic Team.  Because of unusual snow conditions, we have moved the racing this year from the usual venue at the McCabe Trails to the Klipchuck Trails, located about 3 miles up Hwy 20 from Mazama. The basic format of the racing is the same–skating sprints on Saturday, and classic distance races on Sunday.

The snow and trail conditions are Klipchuck are excellent, with packed powder and no exposed dirt or rocks. The ski trails consist of a 2 km access road and a 1 km loop where a summer-only campground is located. Parking at the trailhead on Hwy 20 is limited, so please consider carpooling and park in such a way to save space for others. Port-a-potties will be available in the parking area, but not at the campground. All racing on Saturday will take place on the campground loop, with start and finish a little ways up the access road, next to the Driveway Butte Trailhead parking lot. All racing on Sunday will start and finish at the Klipchuck trailhead, next to Hwy 20. Food will be available for racers only at the campground area on Saturday, and for sale to all at the trailhead parking area both days. Please note that everyone going in over the trail MUST be on skis or snowshoes–no walking in boots allowed on the trails. If you use snowshoes, please stay as far to the edge as possible.

MVSTA is now grooming the Klipchuck Trails, so anyone skiing on them outside of the time of the races needs to have a valid trail pass. Passes can be purchased at numerous locations in the Valley, including the Mazama Store and Winthrop Mountain Sports.

There are three sprint courses on Saturday, all using variations on the campground loop, with distance increasing with age group. We will try to limit the number of skiers in a sprint heat to four, given the trail width over the loop, however the start and finish straight is wide. The adult team sprint race for Saturday is cancelled, but we will run an individual sprint race for all adults (21+), with a qualifying time trial and heats as needed, just like the juniors. There WILL be a Lollipop race on Sunday for U8 skiers, but NOT on Saturday. We will have the Saturday courses groomed flat for skating.

The classic races on Sunday all use out-and-back courses from the Klipchuck trailhead. On Sunday, U16 on up will use the entire 5km loop and do one or two laps to make the specified distance. The Sunday courses will be double-tracked for classic. Course maps will be posted soon.

Racers and race volunteers are eligible for random door prizes at the awards ceremonies.


Registration is at  See below for links to registration.

NO coaches’ meeting!  Contact Leslie Hall for questions (996-3320).

Saturday: Freestyle sprint races
7:30-8:15 am Late registration at trailhead parking area
7:30-8:30 am Bib pick up at trailhead parking area

9 am Time trials begin for freestyle sprints, U10-adults.  Individual start every 15 seconds.  Course length is 1 km for U10, U12, U14; 1.3 km for U16 and up.

10 am U10-U14 semi-finals and finals
11 am Adult semi-finals or finals
11:15 am U16 and up quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals
All Saturday awards to follow U21 finals at the trailhead parking area.

Sunday: Classic mass start races
7:30-8:15 am Late registration at trailhead parking area
7:30-8:30 am Bib pick up at trailhead parking area
8:45 am Lollipop race for U8, 500 meters (not timed)
9 am U10 1 km
9:15 am U12 2 km (2 laps of 1 km course)
9:45 am U14 3 km (2 laps of 1.5 km course)
10:15 am U16 boys and U16/U18/U21 girls 5 km (1 lap of full course)
10:45 am U18/U21 boys and all adults 10 km (2 laps of full course)

All Sunday awards to follow 10 km race at trailhead parking area.

Course Maps (PDF)

Age Groups
Racing age is based on how old the skier is on December 31, 2013. For example, if a girl is 14 on December 31, her racing class for the 2013-14 season is Female U16 (14-15). If a boy turns 16 on January 1, 2014, his class is Male U18. See the table at the bottom of this page for a complete listing of junior age classes.

Entry Fees

Both Days of Racing Saturday or Sunday Only
Class Before
U8 (4-7) Free, online registration encouraged
U10-U14 (8-13) $15 $20 $10 $15
U16-Adults (14 and up) $30 $40 $20 $30

Please note there is no Saturday evening dinner this year.

Registration requires credit card or PayPal for payment via; use the link below. Payment by check is only by prior arrangement. Online registration closes 1/3/13 at 12:00 pm. We strongly encourage you to register online and not day-of-race. Online registration greatly minimizes stress for the race volunteers and helps us prevent race timing problems. Day-of-race registration is by check or cash only and costs an extra $5.

Both Days,

Saturday Only,

Sunday Only,

Please send questions to, or phone Leslie Hall at 509-996-3320.

Junior Age Categories

Birth Year Age on
2009 4 U8
2008 5 U8
2007 6 U8
2006 7 U8
2005 8 U10
2004 9 U10
2003 10 U12
2002 11 U12
2001 12 U14
2000 13 U14
1999 14 U16
1998 15 U16
1997 16 U18
1996 17 U18
1995 18 U21
1994 19 U21
1993 20 U21

See you at the Race!