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Video of the 2018 Rodeo 5k from Mike Tuggy:

Come to the Ski Rodeo and help kick off the Methow Valley race season!

What: A fun race day for all ages and abilities. Skate races for all, followed by optional relays and obstacle courses. Let ‘er buck!

When: Saturday, December 28, 2019

Where: McCabe Trails, Liberty Bell High School, Winthrop WA.  

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Wax rule and guidelines:

Washington Cup competitors must adhere to the following in their ski preparation for the Ski Rodeo.  These limitations are also recommended for ALL juniors.

No HF or pure fluoro waxes may be used.

LF waxes are recommended for U14 and older skiers.

NF waxes are recommended for U12 and younger skiers.

Toko Race Wax Recommendation: Ski Rodeo

Nordic Ultratune Wax Of The Day Recommendation: https://mv-wotd.blogspot.com/

NOAA Weather Forecast at McCabe Trails

Race Details

Skate Races: choose between

10 km (two laps of the 5 km course)

5 km 

2.5 km

1.2 km

There will also be a free lollipop race for the little kids.

1.2 km course map

2.5 km course map

5/10 km course map

After the skate races there will be a 1 km relay for all skiers, with 3-person teams put together by the race organizers. Get ready to mix it up with new friends and old!

Also after the skate races there will be obstacle courses to test your skills and give you thrills!


8:30am – 9:30am, December 29: Late Registration and Bib Pickup for all racers

10:00 am:   2.5 km

10:05 am: 1.2 km

10:30 am: 5 km

10:40 am:  10 km

11:30 am: Obstacle Course opens

11:30 am: Lollipop race, followed by Relay

Awards to follow

Washington Cup Series

We are proud to be a part of the Washington Nordic Cup, a series of races for young competitors to develop their skiing and racing skills independent of the Junior National qualifying circuit. Athletes from around the region will compete this weekend for points, all building toward the season-ending finale races in March. Participants in the Washington Cup should follow the below distance guidelines to be scored:

U8, U10: 1.2 km

U12, U14: 2.5 km

U16+: 5 km

Any skiers wishing to ski a different distance for their age will receive the minimum points score for that event in the Washington Cup. Skiers under 8 may choose to ski the Lollipop race instead, in which case they will not be scored or charged an entry fee.

Registration and Fees

Online, advance registration is strongly encouraged because it greatly helps the volunteer crew organizing the race. Skiers under 8 may choose to do either the 1.2 km or Lollipop race. There is no registration for the Lollipop race–just show up.

Entry Fees for online registration through Wednesday, December 26:

Lollipop            Free

Under 18           $10

Ages 18+          $20

Cost for online registration goes up $5 after December 26, and closes at 8 pm on 12/27.

Day-of-race registration will be available for $10 above the early price. Day of race registration is 8:30 – 9:30 am. Day-of-race payment is by check or exact cash only.  But, please register in advance online if at all possible!

Trail passes are not required for racers or spectators.


Each race entry comes with one raffle ticket.  Additional raffle tickets may also be purchased by anyone for $5 each.  Proceeds benefit MVNT.

To register, click on the Webscorer button:

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