A Nordic Ski Team for kids 6-18 years old. Learn to ski, have fun outdoors, build friendships and character! Join the fun this winter and see how far you can go.

Mission statement:

We share a love for Nordic Skiing with Methow Valley youth.

Belief statement:

We believe in fun, commitment, challenge and excellence.

Core Strategies:

(updated annually by the Nordic Team steering committee and the Program Director.)

  • We are a cohesive team-serving athletes from 6-18, from new skier to expert racer, all united around a common identity and pride in the Methow Valley Nordic Team.
  • We develop athletes who ski with excellent technique, continually improve, are recognized for reaching their own goals, and who take joy in celebrating the whole team’s success.
  • We provide opportunities for athletes to learn about competition and dealing with pressure, and we seek to provide individual and team-based competitive opportunities locally, regionally and nationally.
  • We support, celebrate, and retain well-trained, happy and satisfied coaches who are good teachers and mentors to our athletes.
  • We inspire the families of our athletes to be involved and, in cases where the athlete’s family cannot be involved, for athletes to feel welcomed and included.
  • We are a team that athletes want to stick with 1st grade through 12th.
  • We maintain a safe program.
  • We ensure that every athlete who wishes to ski can, regardless of his/her financial ability.
  • We ensure the program’s financial stability.
  • We are good community partners and inspire the community to take pride in the team.