Snow Leopards Practice Schedule

Snow Leopards Week 3

A lot of you guys have an impressive tally of training so far this month – keep those log sheets going!  Was anyone able to teach themselves to do a headstand or handstand last week?  I know I’m still working on mine.

Be sure to check out the Virtual Mazama Fun Run this weekend.

This week’s suggested workouts:

Speed: After a warm-up (see previous weeks for ideas), do 6-10 laps of a 2-3 minute loop with one 10 second sprint each loop.  Keep the sprints short so you are working on your max speed!

Endurance: Strength endurance challenge.  Hike up one of the mountains around the valley with a pack on (added resistance!) and do some push-ups at the top.

Strength: I challenge you to do 3, 30-minute workouts for strength this week!

Pushing: Push-up to Side plank To make it more challenging you can do the side plank on one foot instead of two as she does in the video.

Pulling: Pull-ups.  How many can you do?

Not quite there yet?  Try a negative where you jump up to your chin above the bar and slowly lower yourself down.  Try to do 20-70 seconds of negatives 2 or 3 times during your strength workout.

Squating (Legs): Single Leg Squat

Balance: Lateral Bound and Stick count to 3 as you stick to make sure you really stuck it!

Core (Brace/Rotate): Gymnastics rolls

High Intensity: Do the Virtual Mazama Fun Run 5k this weekend.  Click the link for registration info!

Coordination:  Balance.  Slackline, build a balance beam (a 2×4 or a piece of old decking work great!), or create a balance course with benches, chairs, boxes, balance pillows, planks, beams, and whatever else you have that can support your weight (trav


Great Job – I see from the team log that many of you have been getting out with regularity this month, and I’m sure more have been out there too! It looks like you’ve had some good variety in what you’ve been doing too, which is great and important to keeping it fun!  Send me a note if you want the link again.

If you do snap some photos of your training or adventures, I’d love something more seasonally appropriate to update the website 😉

Here are some training ideas for week 2:

Strength: 5×10/20.  Can you do 5 days with strength exercises this week incorporating alternating between 10 and 20 minutes each day?   I sometimes keep the counting easy by doing 5 total sets on a ’10 minute’ day and 10 total sets of strength exercises on a ’20 minute’ day.

Strength ideas:

Squatting: Forward Lunge.  Again, watch Julia.  This time at 1:36 of this video.  Try 10-15 per leg in each set.

Pushing: Butt-up Push-up Try to do 10 or more

Pulling:  If you’re working on your inverted rows (see below), try a negative row where you focus on holding your body in a plank.  Shoulder blades pulled down and back, chin tucked, body nice and long.  Slowly lower yourself down holding that plank position.  Repeat until you can no longer hold that plank  position.

Core and Balance challenge: Learn to do a handstand or a Headstand!

Speed: This week we’ll do 8 hill-sprints with poles.  Try the same warm-up as last week: Jog out to your hill and incorporate a bunch of these exercises to make sure you are ready to go FAST!

Workout: Hill sprints with poles.  8×10 seconds (broken into 2×10 seconds really fast ski walk (steep hill!), 2×10 seconds mostly arms (push mostly with your arms, let your legs come along for the ride), 2×10 seconds ski bounding (spring like a deer!), 2×10 seconds fast-as-possible run with poles (run like a crazy fast/strong gorilla!).  Like last week, do a 2-minute easy jog in between.

Cool-down: Jog home!

Endurance: Multi-sport adventure, bike and hike, hike and ski, bike and ski, paddle and run, bike and run all sorts of options here!