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U16+ Comp Schedule

NOTE:      REMEMBER TO UPDATE YOUR SPORTLOG!    Medium Week 7-14 hours.  Swim Championships!

NOTE: Sign up for Methow Valley Summer Camp: follow links on this website. I will limit numbers, so sign up early!


TU 7/23:  am:Power camp at Winthrop PT 7-8am   then meet Leslie at 8:15 for CLASSIC roll with specific strength. I am planning to drive somewhere.  Done at WPT or office about 10:15.

WE 7/23:  Meet Sven at the Library at 7:30am and we will drive to do skate sprint simulations.  Done at the library at 10ish.

pm: if you have over 10 hours do easy afternoon workout 1 hour your choice.

TH: am: on your own bike, roll, run or swim 1:15

pm: those over 10 hours on your own bike roll run or swim 1:15

FR:am: power camp at winthrop PT 7-8am  then on your own a little longer easy distance.

SA: am: if interested (LET LESLIE KNOW IF YOU WILL BE THERE) meet at 7am at Laura’s driveway to go do running intervals.  Done at 8:30ish.

SU: Meet Leslie at Mazama Corral at 8am to carpool up to do mountain adventure (bday tour!). bring water and snack.  Done about 11:30-noon at Corral.  IF you are unsure of keeping up with the group, bring a parent!  Let Leslie know if you will be there.  Everyone WELCOME.

REG run Park City UT

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