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U16+ Comp Schedule

NOTE:      REMEMBER TO UPDATE YOUR SPORTLOG!  8-12 hours this week-but make sure you are ready for Silver Star camp next week.

NOTE:Wednesday November 14 after school MINDFULNESS TRAINING!! BE THERE (at LBHS with Pete and Janice Dickinson) and Practice ahead of time!

MO Nov 12:  Day off from school so meet at 8:30am at Mazama Corral to skate roll out to Freestone for skate sprint simulations.  FOLLOWED by a small break then Trail Work for Methow Trails.  Bring warm clothes, work gloves, rock bar if you have one, steel rake if you have one.  Done 1-2pmish. (maybe sooner)

TU: Nov 13: Power camp 7-8am.  pm:  Meet Sven after school to go to Tiny Town for a run with speed.  Done at 5pm ish at the office.

WE: Nov 14:  OFF DAY but we will do Mindfulness training at 3:30 at LBHS with Janice.  Done about 4pm.

TH: Nov 15: Meet at McCabe trail stadium for “clicker run”.  Done about 4:45pm.

FR: Nov 16: Power Camp 7-8am at Winthrop PT. pm: IF you are up for it: meet Laura at 3:50pm at the bottom of East Fawn Road for ski walking/moose hoofing intervals.  Bring bounding poles.  Done at about 5:15.

SA Nov 17: IF YOU GO TO SILVER STAR EARLY: please be mindful of what you need for this past week and next week when we have the camp and keep it easy and reasonable for your first few days on snow.  ON YOUR OWN

SU: Nov 18: ON YOUR OWN!

Above:  Kent Murdoch photo-Sunday Nov 4
Below: along the trail-Kent Murdoch photo