U16+ Comp Schedule

NOTE: Remember to UPDATE YOUR SPORTLOG!   This week is the virtual Western REG camp so we will be running a camp workout schedule and you can opt to join when you want (unless you are doing the camp-then you should join all options!).  It is a building week with some good intensity.

NOTE: MINDFULNESS on again Friday at 3:00pm. I will send link.

MO 7/6: IF you are training over 18 hours this week (check your own schedule and only a couple may be doing this) run for 1:15-1:30 easy distance on your own. Otherwise OFF.

TU: 7/7: am: MEET FOR SKATE ROLLERSKI with some speed and agility.  Plan on up to 2 hours.  Meet at 7:30am. site to be determined! Here’s the video to watch!
pm: off for most.  Western REG qualifiers (Novie, Walker, Gretta, Annie, Travis) meet at Pete Dickinson’s house for ski erg 1000 meter test at 3:30pm.  Leslie will send more details.
WE:am: TIME TRIAL!  3000 meter track time trial for most, skate rollerski time trial for those with foot/leg issues.  YOU MUST LET ME KNOW YOU ARE COMING TO THIS as we can only have groups of 5 at the school.  we will go in waves. First group of 5 (Novie, Annie, Hadassah, Gretta, Greta?) meet at 7:30 at school to warm up-start time 8:15 for your 3000; Next group (Carter, Graham, Jori, Dashe, Eva) meet at 7:45 at school to warm up start time 8:35 for your 3000; next group (Wyatt, Lilia, Lena, Oliver?????) meet at 8am at the school (by the track), start time 9am for your 3000.  LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE DOING THIS SO I MAKE SURE TO MAKE THE BEST GROUPS. You are welcome to join if I didn’t list your name, I just need to know!  then cool down and be done after your time trial.
pm: on your own: bike, run or roll 1:15-1:30 easy recovery workout.
TH: am. CLASSIC ROLLERSKI  workout focusing on double pole and striding. Here is a video to watch! MEET AT: junction of chewuchs at7:30am. DONE AT about 9:15-9:30am.   Plan on up to 2 hours. Let Leslie know if you will come!
pm: CANADIAN STRENGTH TEST hopefully at Winthrop PT (will confirm soon) at 3:30pm to warm up.  COME TO THIS (Let Leslie know if you will come)!!  IF you can’t do it, let me know. plan on :45-1hour.
FR:am: CLASSIC ROLLERSKI intervals!  Meet at: Edelweiss campground building at 7:30. Done at: about 9:30. Let Leslie know if you will come!  Plan on up to 2 hours.
pm: MINDFULNESS at 3:00. I will send link!
pm: Run meet Laura at Jack’s Hut at the Freestone at 4:15 (where we do agility at the Freestone) for 1:15-1:30 easy run.
SA:am: SKATE ROLLERSKI with specific strength.  Meet at:Twisp community center parking at 7:30.   Done at:about 9:15am.   Plan on 1:30-1:45.  Let Leslie know if you will come.
pm: general strength on your own!
SU: Roll/Run combo workout on your own-suggestion is to start at old skate barn and ski chewuch loop then run around RiserLake/Lewis Butte. Go early!  2:30-3:30 total depending on who you are. Try to do this rather than biking!

Gretta on her way to the win at JN sprint.

John McColgan photo