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U16+ Comp Schedule

NOTE:      REMEMBER TO UPDATE YOUR SPORTLOG!    This week is a medium week but many are headed to SoHo so be prepared and healthy for travel and racing! 6-9 hours.

NOTE:Van cleaning will be January 14: Alex, Mahali and Liv

MO Jan 14: For those going to SoHO and feeling good-do a workout on your own-easy ski or Run.  VAN CLEANING after school Alex, Mahali and Liv!

TU: Jan 15: am:  Power camp 7-8am at Winthrop PT.  pm: Meet Sven to go to Town Trailhead to CLASSIC ski with some intervals. Done at 5:10 or so at town trailhead, 5:15 at office.  Those going to SoHo make sure you get wax from Laura and Wax your race skis!!!

WE: Jan 16: THOSE going to SOHO-van packing at OFFICE at 3pm then pickup at school at 3:22!  Get out as quickly as you can after last period.  Bring money for dinner and some snacks.  Pack lightly but bring sleeping bags and pads for WE night.

THOSE not going to SOHO: Meet Pete’s van outside school to go to Chickadee to SKATE ski.  Done at Chickadee about 5pm at office about 5:20.

TH: Jan 17: Meet at McCabe trail after school to SKATE ski.  Done at about 5pm.

FR: Jan 18: NO Power Camp this week…. 7-8am at Winthrop PT  pm: On your own ski or off or run.

SA Jan 19: Ski on your own!

SU: Jan 20: On your own long easy ski.  go for 2 hours+.

Above:  Cooper at the Rodeo EA Weymuller photo!
Below: Wyatt Sovereign Nor AM Pete Leonard photo