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Welcome to Methow Valley Biathlon!  Winthrop and Mazama, Washington.

Biathlon is the unique winter sport that combines two challenging disciplines into one exciting event, Nordic skiing and shooting. The Methow Valley is home to one of the most successful and inclusive biathlon programs in the United States.  Led by coach Betsy Devin-Smith, Methow Valley Biathlon is a program for both youth and adults.  Methow Valley Biathlon trains and competes on two biathlon ranges. One range is located in Mazama right on the MVSTA ski trails, the other range is located at Liberty Bell High School.

Methow Valley Biathlon’s goal is to promote the sport of biathlon to all ages and abilities. Rifle safety, sportsmanship, discipline and fun are hallmarks of the program.

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For Try Biathlon pictures, go to the Try Biathlon page.

***   Video of our recent Try Biathlon Event –  VIDEO      Created by Claire Waichler

***   MVB Biathletes raising the bar and in the news:

  Casey Smith –  See Casey’s Blog for everything current.    First place overall in the Dec. 14-18 Olympic trial races in Grand Rapids, MN, Casey was oh-so close to going to Sochi.  Casey is on the U.S. International Biathlon Union’s Cup team and racing in Europe this winter.

  Kelsey DickinsonSee Kelsey’s Blog for everything current.  Kelsey represents the United States at the World Youth and Junior Biathlon Championships and also the U.S. at the Open European Championships.  She has been a racing, skiing and shooting machine in Europe this winter.

  Paul Everett – Paul will compete along with Kelsey in the U-26 Open European Championship races to be held Jan. 21-30 at Nove Mesto in the Czech Republic.  Then back to the national championship races starting Feb. 28 in Presque Isle, Maine. – See this story on the Methow Grist.


***  Pictures of Mazama biathlon practice, January 18, 2014:   Pictures

***  Pictures of Mazama biathlon practice, November 16, 2013:   Pictures


***  2013  Masters Biathlon Camp is a Success!!!!     Thank you to Casey Smith and Raleigh Goessling for great shooting, training and racing instruction.   We will be cheering full tilt as you head into the 2013-2014 season of competition.  Link to pictures:  Masters Biathlon Camp 2013 

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