Welcome to the Nordic Ski Team! We make up a great community of kids and their families sharing a love of Nordic Skiing. Our aim is to get all the skiers enjoying their time on snow, furthering their abilities and challenging themselves at appropriate levels.


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Financial aid

Please visit our financial aid page for full details.

Training/Practice Schedule

Dryland training will start November 7 and happen for most skiers on Thursday afternoons after school. There will be no dryland practices the week of Thanksgiving-but everyone is encouraged to get out with their families! Generally dryland training lasts about 1-1.5 hours.   Training sites will vary and you can find out where we will meet and what the general workout will be online and will be updated weekly (usually Sunday night). Look under your child’s group for their specific workouts.  The Arctic Foxes (youngest skiers 6-7 year olds) will have fewer dryland training sessions.  Check their page for the plan.

Skiing will hopefully start the first week of December on December 1!. IF there is no groomable snow by then, there will be dryland training and we will go to the winter schedule of TU, TH practices for most that week (except Arctic Foxes who are one day/week until after Christmas). We do generally provide a warm drink at the end of practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays once we start skiing.  Skiers in the Polar Bear and Lynx groups ski TU and TH afternoons (with some holidays and Saturdays optional); Snow Leopards ski TU, WE & TH afternoons (with some optional weekend and holidays) and Wolverines have  a full schedule with skiing 4-6 days/week depending on the week and competition schedules.

Generally at practices we all show up as quickly as we can get there after school, the kids find their groups and play around a bit, then they will circle up with their lead coach and get the plan for the day.  Practices generally last 1:15-1:45 depending on the time of year and the group.  Practices often get longer as we get more daylight! Try to help ensure that the skiers have the right equipment for the day (classic or skate-generally classic skis are a bit longer and classic poles are shorter; skate skis may be a bit shorter with a more rounded tip and skate poles are longer). We will  post pick up times on the website but don’t expect perfection in timing! A coach will always wait with a skier but if you know you will be late, please try to make other arrangements for your skier as all the coaches have families too and want to get home!

The last all team practice is Thursday February 27  but if there is interest and snow, we will keep skiing with those that want into mid-March. Leslie will let you know when it is time to return skis to Winthrop Mountain Sports (generally in April or May-so you can go skiing over Spring Break too!!!).

We encourage carpooling and if you need help finding others with similar aged children, please ask Leslie. The expectation is that your child will be at practice unless you let us know otherwise.  You can let the lead coach of your child’s group know your family plan.

Ski Rentals

Ski rentals are done separately through Winthrop Mountain Sports. You don’t have to rent skis through Rita but Winthrop Mountain Sports has done a lot for the Team, and we encourage you to use this program. The kids’ equipment should be in good condition and they will need both skate and classic skis and poles. Leslie will let you know when your age group can make appointments with Rita for ski fitting. Rita tries to have all the equipment out as quickly as possible but this does require some patience on our part as there is a lot of equipment to deal with. Once you receive your skier’s equipment, please make sure it is labeled with electrical tape (duct tape sticks forever and sharpies directly on the equipment are often permanent). There are lots of pairs of skis and poles at the trailheads each practice and it is best to be able to differentiate.  You can also apply for financial aid  for equipment.  You are responsible for your equipment-please take good care of it!

Updated cost information for rentals will be posted when available.  Last year’s information provided for reference.

 2018-19 Winthrop Mountain Sports Rental Package Information

Extra-curricular Ski Events

There are many extra-curricular ski events throughout the winter and it is totally optional whether your family participates or not, but we encourage everyone to try a variety of events! For beginner skiers, the ski to decorate cookies with Santa, the Ski Rodeo,  possibly the Race of the Methow and definitely Hanz’s Big adventure are all good options. If you think your child would like to travel to a race, try one locally and then talk to Leslie or your child’s coach about how to go about coming to an out of town event. The regional Washington Cup races are great introductory races for kids, and mostly very inexpensive or free.  The schedule for the winter can be found on this website under junior race events/schedule.   If you think your family would like to go ski at Silver Star BC over Thanksgiving, there will be a large MVNT contingent and Leslie can help direct you if you would like to connect with others up there.