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*****  Wenatchee World Video from Try Biathlon:    CLICK

2018 – 2019 Practice Schedule and Tentative Race Events: (won’t go to all)

Events for 2019

        • 2019

      Jan 5:                      Practice at LBHS.  Also rifle cleaning.
      Jan 12:                    Practice at LBHS.   Times: 9:00-10:30,  10:30-12:00.  RSVP to Betsy.
      Jan 19-20:              (Not going) Biathlon BC #3, Quesnel, BC  (all ages)
      Jan 26:                   Ski to Sun Relay, Methow Valley.  Ski event.
      Jan 27:                   MVB Biathlon race at LBHS  RESULTS HERE  PHOTOS HERE
      Feb 2, 3:                 Race of the Methow XC (all ages)
      Feb 9:                    Practice – canceled due to inclement weather
      Feb 11-17:             Biathlon World Cup, Soldier Hollow, Utah  (go watch or volunteer to help)
      Feb 17:                  Try Biathlon, Mazama.  All citizens event.
      Feb 23:                  Practice – LBHS   Last one of the year, please rsvp to Betsy.
      March 2, 3:             Biathlon BC #5, Kelowna, BC (all ages).  Limit on the number of athletes they will allow in this race so please review the invitation and sign up as soon as possible.
      March 26-31:        NACH Whistler – U18+ by invitation

      Events from 2018:

      • June 28 – July 1:   Bozeman Bridger Biathlon club camp, ages 14-18.
      • Mazama summer camps
      • Nov 3:                      Practice at LBHS.  Practice & new shooter clinic.
        Nov 10:                    Practice at LBHS.  8:30-10, 10:30-12:00pm.
        Nov 17:                    Practice  at LBHS.  8:30-10, 10:30-12:00pm.
        Dec 1-2:                   Biathlon NorAm #1, Canmore, Alberta    U16+
        Dec 8-9:                   [this race canceled] Biathlon BC cup #1, Whistler, BC.  (all ages)
        Dec 15 :                   Practice at MZ range.  9:30 – noon.
        Dec 26-31:              US Jr Biathlon trials, Soldier Hollow, Utah  U18+
        Dec 30:                   Try Biathlon, Mazama.  All citizens event.

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      Events from winter 2017-2018:

      • November 4 – 9-11 am returning biathletes, 11-1:30 new shooter clinic.
      • November 11 – biathlon practice.  Group 1:  8:30-10:30.   Group 2:   10:30-12:30.  rsvp Betsy
      • November 18 – @ 8:30 am @ LBHS.   Work on range, hopefully shoot and then clean rifles.    Important to get range set up and working, volunteers and coaches needed.   Please rsvp Betsy, there’s lots to do!!!
      • November 23-26 NorAm biathlon race, Canmore, Alberta (invitational only)
      • December 9 – Practice at MZ range.   9-11am and 11am-1pm – thin snow, RSVP with Betsy!
      • December 16-17:  Sovereign Lake Regional Biathlon.  Leave Dec 15th am.  Silver Star.
        Saturday individual and Sunday mixed relay races.  SLNC Biathlon Race
      • December 26-20:   US Jr. Worlds, Mt Itasca, MN
      • December 30:  Try Biathlon fundraiser
      • January 6, 2018:  MZ Range.  9:30-11:30am and 11:30-1:00pm  Biathlon Practice with Kelsey Dickenson!
      • January 13:  MZ Range.  Biathlon Practice
      • January 26-28: BC Cup 1 in Prince George
      • February 3-4:   Possible races at: Bozeman, Stevens Pass or Montana
      • February 9-11: BC Cup 2 in Whistler
      • February 17:  Biathlon practice, RSVP with Betsy for time
      • February 18:  Try Biathlon fundraiser (volunteers will be needed)
      • February 16-18: BC Cup 3 in Burns Lake
      • March 2-4: BC Championships in Kelowna.  MVB is going to this race.

      Events from summer 2017:

      May 26-29, 2017       Western regional biathlon camp, on-snow,  Truckee, CA.  14-19 yrs old, all experience levels.

      June 20-21              Girls Intro to Biathlon U14 + and Experienced biathlon Boys Adventure,  Mazama, WA.

      June 22-23             All experienced athletes U14+ Biathlon Camp for an adventure overnighter with former biathlete Casey Smith.

      July 6-9                     Bozeman, Montana biathlon camp in conjunction with the Big Sky Games.

      2016 – 2017 Practice Schedule and Races:

      Oct 4-9:                  Soldiers Hollow SoHo, Park City, UT.   USBA Western Regional Camp.  (by invitation)
      Oct 29 (Sat):          MZ Range:  9:30 – 11:30am returning biathletes, 11:30 – 2:00, new shooter clinic
      Nov 5: (Sat):           MZ Range:  9am – 11am and 11am-1pm practice groups
      Nov 12:                   MZ Range, 9-11am.  Please rsvp with Betsy.
      Nov 23-27:            Silver Star Thanksgiving Camp, Biathlon races CANCELED 26-27th.
      Dec 2-4:                 Canmore, Alberta, NorAm Biathlon Races
      Dec 9-11:               Sovereign Lakes NorAM
      Dec 10:                   MZ Range practice:  9:30-11:30.
      Dec 15-18:             North Kelowna BC Cup Biathlon. NorAM,   All ages.
      Dec 26-31:             Biathlon Junior Trials Jericho Vermont
      Dec 31:                  Try Biathlon, Mazama range.  All citizen event.
      Jan 7:                     Practice at MZ Range.  9:30 AM
      Jan 21:                   Practice at LBHS range, 9:30-11:30.  Need to get mats moved from MZ range.
      Jan 28-29:             BC Biathlon Cup #3, Whistler, BC
      Feb 4-5:                 Race of the Methow
      Feb 11-12:             Practice at LBHS range, 9:30-11:30.  (Not the WBA Stevens Pass race.)
      Feb 18:                  Try Biathlon, Mazama range.  All citizen event.  Need club members to volunteer.
      Feb 22- March 3:    Junior Youth World Champs, by invitation only.
      March 3-5:            Biathlon NorAm, Whistler, BC.  Over 15 y/o by invitation only.
      March 7-12:          NorAm Champs/Canadian Biathlon Nationals, Prince George, BC.  Over 15 y/o by invite only.
      March 24-26:       US Biathlon Nationals, Jericho VT.  Over 15 y/o by invitation only.

      Events from the summer of 2016:
      June 22-26, 2016:  WBA biathlon camp at Mazama.  Registration form and info: 2016 June Camp Registration.
      June 25-26, 2016:  WBA summer biathlon race in Wenatchee.
      July 9-10, 2016:  Two days of summer biathlon races in Montana.  Saturday running/shooting race in
      West Yellowstone and Bozeman.  In conjunction with Bridger Biathlon Club (BBC).

      2015 – 2016 Practice Schedule and Race Events:

      Nov 7:             Practice at MZ Biathlon Range:  12:00 noon.
      Nov 14:           Practice at MZ Biathlon Range:  9 am and 11 am.  Stay warm and dry…..
      Nov 21:           Practice at MZ Biathlon Range:  9 am and 11 am.
      Nov 28th:       Sovereign Lakes Regional competition.   RESULTS
      Dec 5:       Practice at MZ range: 9-11am  and 11:15am-1:15pm
      Dec 7-13:         Canmore, AB Biathlon camp – 14-18yr olds (tentative dates)
      Dec 12-13:      Canmore, AB NorAm/Calorex cup (all age groups)
      Dec 27-30:      Anchorage, AK   US youth/junior trials – 16-20yr olds
      Jan 1:              Try Biathlon , Mazama range
      Jan 10:            Practice at LBHS range.    10am or 12:30pm
      Jan 9-10:         Vanderhoof, BC – Biathlon BC provincial race
      Jan 17-18:       Biathlon Race of the Methow at LBH.  Webscorer results
      (does not include penalties and adjustments)
      Jan 30:            Biathlon Practice at LBHS range.
      Jan 30-31:      Prince George, BC – Biathlon BC race
      Feb 6:              Biathlon Practice at LBHS:  10-12:00 experienced shooters, 12:30-2pm group 2.    Please RSVP.
      Feb 13-14:       Whistler, BC – Biathlon BC race
      Feb 13:            Try Biathlon , Mazama range
      Feb 20:           Hans Big Adventure – EVENT DETAILS  Biathlon to participate, coordinate with Betsy
      Feb 27:            MVN goes to Steven Pass to participate in WBA’s race #5  INFO
      March 15-20:  Canadian Biathlon Nationals, Val Cartier, QC
      March 22-27:  US Biathlon Nationals, Fort Kent, Maine

      2014 – 2015 Practice Schedule and Race Events:

      Nov 1           MZ Range.   10a-12pm for returning biathletes.    12:30-3pm for new shooter safety clinic and practice.
      Nov 15        MZ Range.   9:30-11:30am returning experienced biathletes.    12:15-2:15pm for new shooters.
      Dec 1-5       BC jr development camp, Canmore, AB – invitational
      Dec 6-7      Biathlon NorAm race, Canmore, AB
      Dec 13        Practice  MZ Range
      Dec 20       practice
      Jan 2          Try Biathlon, Mazama range
      Jan 3          practice?
      Jan 10        practice
      Jan 24-25   Biathlon BC cup, Whistler,BC
      Feb 7           practice/club races
      Feb 14        Try Biathlon, Mazama range
      March 20-22      US Biathlon Nationals, Truckee, CA

Methow Valley Biathlon has two shooting/skiing sites in the Methow Valley.  Ranges are open only during sanctioned MVB practices and events.

Mazama Biathlon Range: 1.5 km east of Corral trailhead; participants must ski out to the range.

Liberty Bell High School Range: Located at Liberty Bell High School in conjuction with the McCabe Ski Trails, 24 Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop.

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