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*****  Wenatchee World Video from Try Biathlon:    CLICK

2018 – 2019 Practice Schedule and Tentative Race Events: (won’t go to all)

Events for winter 2018-2019:

  • Nov 3:                      Practice at LBHS.  Practice & new shooter clinic.  Bring pumpkin.
  • Nov 10:                    Practice at LBHS.  8:30-10, 10:30-12:00pm.
  • Nov 17:                    Practice  at LBHS.  8:30-10, 10:30-12:00pm.   RSVP Betsy so she can announce whether you’ll practice with first or second group, please don’t “reply all”.    Install the rest of new lead traps between shooting sessions, more hands make light work.
  • Dec 1-2:                   Biathlon NorAm #1, Canmore, Alberta    U16+
  • Dec 8-9:                   ?Biathlon BC cup #1, Whistler, BC.  Contact Betsy if interested.  (all ages)
  • Dec 15 :                   Practice
  • Dec 26-31:              US Jr Biathlon trials, Soldier Hollow, Utah  U18+
  • Dec 30:                    Try Biathlon, Mazama.  All citizens event.
  • 2019
  • Jan 5:                      Practice
  • Jan 12:                    Practice
  • Jan 19-20:              Biathlon BC #3, Quesnel, BC  (all ages)
  • Jan 26:                   Ski to Sun Relay, Methow Valley.  Ski event.
  • Feb 2, 3:                 Race of the Methow XC (all ages)
  • Feb 9:                    Practice
  • Feb 11-17:             Biathlon World Cup, Soldier Hollow, Utah  (go watch or volunteer to help)
  • Feb 17:                  Try Biathlon, Mazama.  All citizens event.
  • Feb 23:                  Practice
  • March 2, 3:             Biathlon BC #5, Kelowna, BC (all ages)
  • March 26-31:        NACH Whistler – U18+ by invitation

Events from summer 2018:

  • June 28 – July 1:   Bozeman Bridger Biathlon club camp, ages 14-18.
  • Mazama summer camps

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Events from winter 2017-2018:

  • November 4 – 9-11 am returning biathletes, 11-1:30 new shooter clinic.
  • November 11 – biathlon practice.  Group 1:  8:30-10:30.   Group 2:   10:30-12:30.  rsvp Betsy
  • November 18 – @ 8:30 am @ LBHS.   Work on range, hopefully shoot and then clean rifles.    Important to get range set up and working, volunteers and coaches needed.   Please rsvp Betsy, there’s lots to do!!!
  • November 23-26 NorAm biathlon race, Canmore, Alberta (invitational only)
  • December 9 – Practice at MZ range.   9-11am and 11am-1pm – thin snow, RSVP with Betsy!
  • December 16-17:  Sovereign Lake Regional Biathlon.  Leave Dec 15th am.  Silver Star.
    Saturday individual and Sunday mixed relay races.  SLNC Biathlon Race
  • December 26-20:   US Jr. Worlds, Mt Itasca, MN
  • December 30:  Try Biathlon fundraiser
  • January 6, 2018:  MZ Range.  9:30-11:30am and 11:30-1:00pm  Biathlon Practice with Kelsey Dickenson!
  • January 13:  MZ Range.  Biathlon Practice
  • January 26-28: BC Cup 1 in Prince George
  • February 3-4:   Possible races at: Bozeman, Stevens Pass or Montana
  • February 9-11: BC Cup 2 in Whistler
  • February 17:  Biathlon practice, RSVP with Betsy for time
  • February 18:  Try Biathlon fundraiser (volunteers will be needed)
  • February 16-18: BC Cup 3 in Burns Lake
  • March 2-4: BC Championships in Kelowna.  MVB is going to this race.

Events from summer 2017:

May 26-29, 2017       Western regional biathlon camp, on-snow,  Truckee, CA.  14-19 yrs old, all experience levels.

June 20-21              Girls Intro to Biathlon U14 + and Experienced biathlon Boys Adventure,  Mazama, WA.

June 22-23             All experienced athletes U14+ Biathlon Camp for an adventure overnighter with former biathlete Casey Smith.

July 6-9                     Bozeman, Montana biathlon camp in conjunction with the Big Sky Games.

2016 – 2017 Practice Schedule and Races:

Oct 4-9:                  Soldiers Hollow SoHo, Park City, UT.   USBA Western Regional Camp.  (by invitation)
Oct 29 (Sat):          MZ Range:  9:30 – 11:30am returning biathletes, 11:30 – 2:00, new shooter clinic
Nov 5: (Sat):           MZ Range:  9am – 11am and 11am-1pm practice groups
Nov 12:                   MZ Range, 9-11am.  Please rsvp with Betsy.
Nov 23-27:            Silver Star Thanksgiving Camp, Biathlon races CANCELED 26-27th.
Dec 2-4:                 Canmore, Alberta, NorAm Biathlon Races
Dec 9-11:               Sovereign Lakes NorAM
Dec 10:                   MZ Range practice:  9:30-11:30.
Dec 15-18:             North Kelowna BC Cup Biathlon. NorAM,   All ages.
Dec 26-31:             Biathlon Junior Trials Jericho Vermont
Dec 31:                  Try Biathlon, Mazama range.  All citizen event.
Jan 7:                     Practice at MZ Range.  9:30 AM
Jan 21:                   Practice at LBHS range, 9:30-11:30.  Need to get mats moved from MZ range.
Jan 28-29:             BC Biathlon Cup #3, Whistler, BC
Feb 4-5:                 Race of the Methow
Feb 11-12:             Practice at LBHS range, 9:30-11:30.  (Not the WBA Stevens Pass race.)
Feb 18:                  Try Biathlon, Mazama range.  All citizen event.  Need club members to volunteer.
Feb 22- March 3:    Junior Youth World Champs, by invitation only.
March 3-5:            Biathlon NorAm, Whistler, BC.  Over 15 y/o by invitation only.
March 7-12:          NorAm Champs/Canadian Biathlon Nationals, Prince George, BC.  Over 15 y/o by invite only.
March 24-26:       US Biathlon Nationals, Jericho VT.  Over 15 y/o by invitation only.

Events from the summer of 2016:
June 22-26, 2016:  WBA biathlon camp at Mazama.  Registration form and info: 2016 June Camp Registration.
June 25-26, 2016:  WBA summer biathlon race in Wenatchee.
July 9-10, 2016:  Two days of summer biathlon races in Montana.  Saturday running/shooting race in
West Yellowstone and Bozeman.  In conjunction with Bridger Biathlon Club (BBC).

2015 – 2016 Practice Schedule and Race Events:

Nov 7:             Practice at MZ Biathlon Range:  12:00 noon.
Nov 14:           Practice at MZ Biathlon Range:  9 am and 11 am.  Stay warm and dry…..
Nov 21:           Practice at MZ Biathlon Range:  9 am and 11 am.
Nov 28th:       Sovereign Lakes Regional competition.   RESULTS
Dec 5:       Practice at MZ range: 9-11am  and 11:15am-1:15pm
Dec 7-13:         Canmore, AB Biathlon camp – 14-18yr olds (tentative dates)
Dec 12-13:      Canmore, AB NorAm/Calorex cup (all age groups)
Dec 27-30:      Anchorage, AK   US youth/junior trials – 16-20yr olds
Jan 1:              Try Biathlon , Mazama range
Jan 10:            Practice at LBHS range.    10am or 12:30pm
Jan 9-10:         Vanderhoof, BC – Biathlon BC provincial race
Jan 17-18:       Biathlon Race of the Methow at LBH.  Webscorer results
(does not include penalties and adjustments)
Jan 30:            Biathlon Practice at LBHS range.
Jan 30-31:      Prince George, BC – Biathlon BC race
Feb 6:              Biathlon Practice at LBHS:  10-12:00 experienced shooters, 12:30-2pm group 2.    Please RSVP.
Feb 13-14:       Whistler, BC – Biathlon BC race
Feb 13:            Try Biathlon , Mazama range
Feb 20:           Hans Big Adventure – EVENT DETAILS  Biathlon to participate, coordinate with Betsy
Feb 27:            MVN goes to Steven Pass to participate in WBA’s race #5  INFO
March 15-20:  Canadian Biathlon Nationals, Val Cartier, QC
March 22-27:  US Biathlon Nationals, Fort Kent, Maine

2014 – 2015 Practice Schedule and Race Events:

Nov 1           MZ Range.   10a-12pm for returning biathletes.    12:30-3pm for new shooter safety clinic and practice.
Nov 15        MZ Range.   9:30-11:30am returning experienced biathletes.    12:15-2:15pm for new shooters.
Dec 1-5       BC jr development camp, Canmore, AB – invitational
Dec 6-7      Biathlon NorAm race, Canmore, AB
Dec 13        Practice  MZ Range
Dec 20       practice
Jan 2          Try Biathlon, Mazama range
Jan 3          practice?
Jan 10        practice
Jan 24-25   Biathlon BC cup, Whistler,BC
Feb 7           practice/club races
Feb 14        Try Biathlon, Mazama range
March 20-22      US Biathlon Nationals, Truckee, CA

Methow Valley Biathlon has two shooting/skiing sites in the Methow Valley.  Ranges are open only during sanctioned MVB practices and events.

Mazama Biathlon Range: 1.5 km east of Corral trailhead; participants must ski out to the range.

Liberty Bell High School Range: Located at Liberty Bell High School in conjuction with the McCabe Ski Trails, 24 Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop.

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